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        Welcome to the official website of Shenzhen longhui Motor Co., Ltd!





        The products include DC motor, DC planetary motor, plastic motor, etc

        • LH-48GR500 DC Geared Motor





          Typical Application:Vending Machine、Security Equipment、Automatic Clothes Hanger

        • LH-22PA20 Planetary gear motor

          Max.Gearbr eaking torque:1/4, 1/5

          Max.Running.to rque:0.3 kgf.cm

          Max.Gearbr eaking torque:2.0 kgf.cm

          Gearing effic iency:80%

          Typical Application:Printer、Electric Tool、Electric Glass Cleaner

        • LH-36PA468 Planetary gear motor

          Max.Gearbr eaking torque:1/4, 1/5

          Max.Running.to rque:5.0 kgf.cm

          Max.Gearbr eaking torque:15.5 kgf.cm

          Gearing effic iency:80%

          Typical Application:Electric Doors and Windows、Security Equipment、Intelligent Automatic Dining Table


        Our motor application lies in the product center of electric toys, household appliances, beauty salon equipment, electric tools, security equipment and medical and health equipment

        Smart home and other applications of various electric smart collar


        Introduce modern enterprise management system, strengthen staff quality training, and cooperate with our suppliers to form a close community of interests

        Towards the goal of high technology, high quality and high efficiency


        Brand strength Is extraordinary

        Founded in 1997, the company is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales, with 23 years of manufacturing experience. Its headquarter is located in Shenzhen. At present, it has two R & D and production bases in Shenzhen and Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, with a total area of more than 30000 square meters.

        Exclusive customization Quick supply

        With 3-day sample production efficiency, customized solutions for customers, direct supply from manufacturers, elimination of middlemen's price difference, substantial profit to customers, 7-day delivery commitment, with an annual production capacity of 30 million sets, the products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and other countries.

        Quality certification Safe and reliable

        The company's production layout is reasonable, the product performance is stable, the quality is reliable, deeply trusted and affirmed by the majority of customers, all motors are produced in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality control system, and passed more than 20 international safety certification such as CE / RoHS / UL.

        Worry free after sale Attentive service

        All production stages of the company's products, including design, procurement and material planning, production and component assembly, marketing and sales services, are relatively independent, intimate after-sales team, 7x24 hours online quick response.

        Cooperative enterprise

        Based on quality, build reputation, conquer the market with quality and let the world know

        About longhui

        It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales with more than ten years of manufacturing experience

        Shenzhen LongHui Motor Co.,Ltd.

        Was founded in 1997, is a modern and high-tech company with over 10 years experience together in manufacturing and gather researching, manufacturing and marketing. The head quarter of our company is in Shenzhen, Guangdong. In 2008, Longnan HongHui Motor Co,.Ltd. was established as a production base in Ganzhou, Jiangxi and the whole area is over 30,000㎡...


        Qualification certification system is in line with national and international standards
        • ATC Certificate

        • Environmental Management

        • UK Certificate

        • ISO9001 Certificate

        • SGS Certificate

        Customization process

        3-day sample production efficiency, customized solutions for customers


        News and information

        Focus on the new trend of longhui enterprise, learn more about the decelerating motor

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